More Good News

And the good news just doesn’t stop today.
About effin’ time, I’d say.
–Perle Messda, Acclimated Poet of the Minnesota School for Regional Cookery, Specialty: Lemon Angels. “We do lutefisk!”John McKay over at archy links to a story about a student revolt at a Montana high school. What are they rebelling against, you ask? A new rule that forbids the wearing of t-shirts with the word “Britney” on them? the removal of pizza from the school lunch menu? a new requirement that seniors actually attend at least one class a day? Nope. They don’t want the school board to force them to learn creationism in their biology classes.

After the Darby School Board Tuesday made another move in the process of adopting an objective origins policy, students came out to express their opposition.About one-third of the high school’s 170 students Wednesday walked out of school 15 minutes before the bell rang and assembled between U.S. 93 and school property in protest of the school board’s decisions to question evolution.

Carrying signs criticizing the newly adopted policy, students walked the sidewalk and drew honks and yells from passers-by hoping school officials and trustees would take heed.

“Students really care what’s going on in the school,” said senior Aaron Lebowitz, who organized the protest. “(The school board) has been on their own track and haven’t really listened to us.”

Well, I’ll be damned.

What I particularly love is the new creationist label for justifying the injection of religion into science: the “objective origins policy.” That’s a good one, ay? They’re overturning scientific principles in order to be “objective.” As long as they’re being honest about it. The kids, however saw right through that bare-faced ploy and aren’t having any.

“Over the past few weeks, students have discussed the issue at length and formed opinions about intelligent design,” Lebowitz said.One sign read, “Creationism in a cheap tuxedo.” And others called on people to go to church for creationism.

Lebowitz walked down the row of students asking individuals why they were there. Students strongly voiced concern about creationism being in science class and encouraged people to vote in the upcoming school board election.

Currently, students touch on evolution in life science class in seventh grade and then again in 10th-grade biology.

“But evolution is not shoved down our throats,” he said. “I was pretty disturbed by the ignorance of our community about what we’re really being taught.”

Lebowitz carried a sign that read, “Strike against preaching pseudo science.”

Good for them. I have to admit that as a sometime teacher I have made my fair share–alright, more than fair–of disparaging comments concerning the knowledge-level of your average adolescent. Mentioning Afghanistan and being asked if that’s some kind of candy bar will do that to you. But for a third–a third!–of the entire student body to stage a walk-out over a threat to the quality of their education is, well, John says it best:

As long as the public schools can turn out kids like this, the school system is doing just fine. Don’t believe the far right propaganda about our schools being failures that need to be replaced by voucher supported private (religious) schools. And as long as we have kids like Aaron Lebowitz and his cohort, civilization isn’t doomed quite yet.


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