Drudge Sludge

There were two separate pieces to the Drudge Report’s Kerry slander. The first was that he had an affair with an intern. Good story except for a few minor mistakes, like: she denies it categorically and there is no evidence or confirmation that it ever happened; her family denies it; her husband denies it; she wasn’t in Washington when it was supposed to be going on; and she wasn’t an intern. Aside from that, it was right-wing journalism at its finest.

Unfortunately, once the bubble at the core of the story burst, that left the conservative press scrambling to make an issue out of the second piece: Drudge the Sludge’s accusation that the story originated from a comment made by Wes Clark. Well, now that turns out to be false, too. From NRO political clolumnist Ryan Lizza:

I was there when Clark spoke, and just to make sure I didn’t miss anything, I’ve also checked with other reporters who were there. Since it was off the record (sort of), I can’t get into what Clark actually said (let’s just say it was not his finest moment on the campaign trail), but I can report that the quote Drudge attributes to him–“Kerry will implode over an intern issue”–is not accurate. He never said that.

Glad somebody at the NRO has a sense of journalistic honor. I didn’t check to see if the news had filtered down to the Corner Kids yet.

Score: Matt Drudge 0 for 2. Those of you surprised by this development should report to your local clinic as soon as possible for de-programming and therapy.

(By way of The Poor Man)

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