Bernie Sanders Burns the Corporatocracy

Bernie Sanders has an idea about what American progressives need to say to get the attention of the people who haven’t been paying much attention lately. Listen up.

Corporate America essentially is saying the hell with the American worker, the hell with the United States of America. We will do anything we want in order to make more and more profits.And my friends, it is not only manufacturing jobs that are going abroad. If some of you say, “Well, I went to college, man, I know how to work that computer. I have a good job,” think twice. They’re after your jobs, as well. If there’s a computer or a telephone job, it could be done any place in the world at a fraction of the wages that are paid in America. And that’s where corporate America is moving.

We want the people in China, in India, all over the world, to do well, but we want a globalization that does not lead to a race to the bottom but uplifts all of the people of the world.

Now when we talk about what’s happening in the middle class today, hear this. A hundred years ago, workers all over this country held huge demonstrations, and they had big banners that said, “Give us a forty-hour week. We’re not animals. We’re not beasts of burden. We want to spend time with our families. We want to get more education. We want some vacation time.”

Now how many of you know that today the American worker is working longer hours by far than the people in any other industrialized country? Today, 40 percent of American workers are working fifty hours a week or more. That’s the collapse of the middle class, and we have got to turn that around.

The scandal of our time is that with all the explosion of technology and productivity the average American is not working fewer hours and making more money. We are not down to a thirty-hour week. The middle class is not expanding, and poverty has not been eliminated. On the contrary, it has increased.

Because of the greed of corporate America, real wages in the private sector are 8 percent less than they were thirty years ago. And where has all of that accumulated wealth gone? It has gone to the people on top, who have seen a huge increase in the percentage of wealth and income they receive.

Ain’t it the truth. Go read the rest. It’s inspiring–and he’s right. It’ll work.

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