KerryAttacks–The Smear Campaign Begins in Earnest

Here we go again.

1. Right-wing internet smear-meister Matt Drudge is hinting around about a Kerry affair, claiming the lady in question was shipped overseas to get her out of the way, which makes the charge “hard to prove”.

The nature and details of a claimed two-year relationship, beginning in the Spring of 2001, between a young woman and Kerry is at the center of serious investigations at several media outlets.After being approached by a top news producer, the woman fled to Africa, where she remains, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal.

Well, as the right-wing echo chamber always says, if you’ve got a good thing, beat it ro death with a big stick.

But don’t stop there. Surely there must be a way to use this feathered tar on more than one enemy? Well, yes, as it turns out. While he’s at it, he claims that “in an off-the-record conversation with a dozen reporters earlier this week, [Wesley Clark] plainly stated: ‘Kerry will implode over an intern issue.'” There you go–a two-fer.

Not to be outdone, Rush Limbo is not only treating this rumor as Gospel, he’s figured out the culprit and it isn’t the right wing. It’s–wait for it–Hillary Clinton!

I don’t deny this is exciting news to a lot of people. Keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen, and you know, I don’t want to sit here and go nah-nah-nah-nah all the time, but there has been one voice, one voice consistently saying, I have warned you people about this several times, I have told you, don’t worry about Bush, don’t worry about the Bush campaign. The Clintons are going to take care of this year’s Democratic nominee. If Hillary wants to be president in 2008, if Hillary wants to be president, period, the Clintons will take care of this year’s nominee. And now even Democrats, unnamed, are quoted in the New York Post today as thinking the same thing.

Note the standard Echo Chamber tactic: Notoriously unreliable right-wing rumor-monger puts out rumor which the notoriously unreliable right-wing commentator immediately accepts as fact, quoting a notoriously unreliable right-wing newspaper as back-up. Classic.

BTW, Limbo’s “I don’t deny this is exciting news to a lot of people” comment came in response to a call from a woman who said this report of Kerry’s supposed infidelity “lifted [her] spirits.” She found it “delicious.” I just bet she did. The wingnuts all seem to be enormously attracted to and titillated by anything to do with sex. They just can’t get enough. It’s beginning to look unhealthy.

2. And still we’re not done (this has been a productive day for the smear-meisters). Limbo and Sean Hannity, invoking the Guilt-By-Association (GBA) strategy, are parading a picture of right-wing bete-noir Jane Fonda sitting with Kerry. This is, of course, enough for condemnation from the faithful. “How dare he sit with Hanoi Jane? He must be a traitor.” And apparently the fact that the picture is of a Viet-nam anti-war rally and the two of them are sitting in the audience 3 rows apart is completely and totally irrelevant. And if Hanoi Jane, as Rush refers to her, says they happened to both be speaking to the rally and didn’t even meet that day, well, what do you expect a traitor to say? To make sure you get the point, Rushie adds an old photo of Jane with her fist raised in a “Power-to-the-People” salute, which of course confirms that she is a Commie traitor.

And this is just the beginning. Wait ’til they really get rolling.

(Via Slate)

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