Worry About Kerry Dept: Poll Results

CNN has the final results–you probably know them by now:


I have to admit I’m surprised at Dean’s strong showing in a state that has historically disliked him. What the hell did he say up there? Was it Judy that made the difference? Might’ve been. This is the first time she’s campaigned with him in months–and she gave interviews. Interesting woman, comes across a lot warmer than Deano.

Kerry’s victory was predictable but none the less depressing. This gives him a push going into the South, which is too bad. IMO, he’s the worst possible candidate to put against Junior; as I’ve said, they already know how to beat him. Dennis would have a better shot against Bush than Kerry’s got.

Edwards’ poor showing is truly disappointing after the shove he got in Iowa. I thought he’d do better, maybe even a solid second. A lame tie for third doesn’t do much for him or Clark, and both have a far better chance against Bush than Kerry.

My god, what are the Dems doing? Shooting themselves in the foot again? Bush didn’t win the last election; Gore lost it. So what do they do? Put another Gore-type wanna-be on track to do the same damn thing. Will we never learn?

Comments picked up by field reporters in NH in the days leading up to this primary were heavy on the “I wanna vote for the guy that can beat Bush” mantra. Maybe we outsmarted ourselves. On paper, Kerry looks like the best bet and we are desperate to field a winner so we go with the paper. The trouble is, Mondale looked good on paper. So did The Duke. Both suffered massive losses. Gore looked unbeatable on paper, and he turned the election into a squeaker…which he lost. We keep going with the favorite and we keep losing, which anybody who plays the ponies will tell you is standard–“Never bet the favorite; they usually lose.” Maybe it’s time to go with a medium long-shot, say 5- or 6-1–a Dean or an Edwards. Leave the favorite alone for a change.

Well, the South comes up next week. Not much time. Edwards, Dean and Clark all have good chances to blow Kerry out of the top spot–unless, that is, the primary-goers in the South are as determined to go with the winner-on-paper as the guys in NH. If that’s the case, gawd help us–this may be the last genuine election I see in my lifetime.

Go Howie!

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