Bush Won’t Meet with Troop Families Who Think He’s Wrong

Via BUZZFLASH, London’s Daily Mirror is claiming that while Bush will meet with some families of British troops killed in Iraq, he won’t meet with any who think he’s wrong

White House aides were still locked in dispute over which relatives of dead British troops will meet the president amid fears he may be met with hostility.*****************

Downing Street admitted the president would meet relatives, and soldiers who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, on Thursday.

But asked if that included relatives of troops killed in this year’s Iraq conflict, Mr Blair’s spokesman replied: “The precise composition is still being worked on.”

It implied Mr Bush will not meet those bereaved families who believe the public was misled into conflict.

Wouldn’t surprise me if they’re right, After all, he’s refused to meet with the familes of any Americans killed in Iraq, or even acknowledged their deaths, for political reasons. And it’s typical of him that he would refuse to meet with the families of dead soldiers who disagree with his policies for fear “he may be met with hostility.” Junior is a serious weenie–it appears he can’t brook disagreement even from the families of people who have died for him.

But then, shameful behaviour is becoming routine for the Bushies. Tom DeLay’s using a children’s charity to do an endrun around the soft-money financing laws; Billy Tauzin and Pete Domenici got a so-called “energy bill” passed which is little more than a gift package of protection from lawsuits, yet more tax breaks, and obscene subsidies to the oil and gas gang; and the Publican Congress as a whole is busy “supporting our troops” by cutting their pay, benefits, and health care, and making them buy their own equipment.

Make you proud to be an American, don’t they?

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