Blogosphere Round-Up: Bush Won’t Face Parliament in London

Ezra at pandagon:

Murdering terrorists attacking our troops?Bring it ON!

Heckling by old white men?

Um, I’d rather not bring it on, if it’s all the same to you.

That’s the problem with the Bush Administration. When it comes to them, they never “Bring it ON!”, preferring instead to bury the offending report, release the unpleasant news on Friday night, or ignore the British Parliament. I want to see more of this stuff brought on…

Kieran at Crooked Timber:

One might have thought that a leader with thicker skin might have told the begrudgers to “Bring it on.” Bush’s aversion to explaining himself to people who might talk back is well known, of course, but it seems insulting to treat the representative body of your staunchest ally in this way. Some Tories appear to think so, too, though most of the anglospheroids seem content to bash Red Ken instead.Needless to say, the spin on the visit — see the same ABC news story — is that Bush is in London to “address” and “confront” those who doubt his policy in Iraq. He’ll just be doing this without, you know, addressing or confronting anyone.

Tim Dunlop at The Road to Surfdom:

Does it matter that George Bush won’t address the British parliament during his current visit? Of course it does. If the President is willing to launch wars and involve other nations in that adventure, the least he can do is explain himself to their elected representatives and hell, take a bit of verbal flack. It won’t kill him, which is more than you can say for many of those who marched off to fight his war for him.****************

Then again, I don’t agree with those who say it is a particular snub to the British parliament: it’s not like he opens himself up to hostile questioning at home. Presidential press conferences, especially ones where the questions aren’t vetted, are as rare WMD in Iraq.

I also don’t think it is a matter of cowardice on Bush’s part – it is simply arrogance. And that’s ultimately the point, I guess. Nothing underlines the haughty arrogance of this guy more than his unwillingness to explain himself at length in front of the democratic institutions, at home and abroad. Even in Austalia, where he actually did make one of his trademark charm-bracelet speeches of interlocked platitudes he was well-protected from the very mild interjection by an overly protective Speaker of the House and thuggish members of the government.

And so having experienced that little bit of turbulence in Australia, he has seen to it that he doesn’t experience anything like it in Britain.

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