O California, What Have You Done To Us (V)

So Junior and the Governator met. So what happened then? What you might expect, I think:

According to accounts from both sides, little of substance was discussed.

I can believe that. But if it’s true, then what’s this?

Mr. Schwarzenegger, introducing the president, said: “After speaking to the president this morning at great length about the problems of California, I can tell you one thing: There is no greater ally that this Golden State has in Washington than our president.”

So Ahnud and his advisors go public with the price for Ahnud’s backing in the election, not a squeak from Junior one way or t’other, they meet in private and Arnie comes out claiming that Junior is CA’s best friend. (Yeah, right.)

Based on past performance, it looks to me like Georgie played his usual game: make vague promises (or even specific, it doesn’t really matter, though “vague” is marginally better–more deniable: “That isn’t what I meant.”), promises you have no intention of actually keeping, string ’em along until you don’t need ’em any more, and then blame the Democrats in Congress when you don’t come through. Neophyte Ahnud isn’t likely to figure this one out for months, but it may dawn on him before the election that nothing is happening. Will he go public with his disappointment? or will he suffer in silence for the sake of the party?

Stay tuned. One can always hope that this time Junior’s bitten off more than he can chew. Arnie’s temper is famously short….

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