O, California, What Have You Done To Us? (III)

So Junior’s running off to have his picture taken at a stand-up with the Movie Star. Priceless. The Man With the Golden Gun and The Man With the Golden Fund. The Terminator and the Toy Soldier. Godzilla and Tinky-Winky. And the thing is, Ahnud the Magnificent, the Glorious, the Terminal Ignoramus has already got the Great Warrior boxed in, but good.

Ahnud plans to ask El Presidente for help from the Bushie Feds: he wants Junior to cough up some Treasury money to bail CA out of the mess it’s gotten itself into (with some major help from Enron and the Texas Energy Gang).

This puts L’il Georgie in a Big-Time Bind; he has bluntly and without ceremony turned down every other Governor, R or D, who’s done likewise (and the whole National Gov’s Conference did just that in a body only last year) with just 4 words: “We can’t afford it.” Only just now it happens he’s asking for mucho dinero for Iraq (which is not yet, contrary to the impression you might be getting from All The President’s Men, the 51st state) and is forced to hawk the used-to-be-anti-conservative line that deficits are Good For America (Fall-Back Position: Deficits Aren’t Bad for America).

I gotta admit, it’s an impressive move for the inexperienced Ahnud. Junior’s pet pit-bull, Karl the King-Maker, is the one who used Issa to arrange this little coup in an attempt to put usually-heavily-Demo CA back in play for 2004, and Junior has delusions of grandeur–if Ahnud can help him take CA, the election is over and the 2nd term (the one they’re going to use to coronate him) is in the bag. But if he doesn’t give Ahnud the money he needs to look good, then a) Ahnud likely won’t be in a position to help him, and b) he’ll be carrying the blame for CA’s sinking further into the tar pit all on his lonesome while the Governator sits in a neutral corner pointing the finger.

Pretty, ain’t it? You think Ahnud has any idea what he’s about to do? And will he back off when they explain it to him?

[[FWIW, My Guess: 1) No. 2) Yes.]]

But it was almost beautiful.


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