O, California, What Have You Done To Us? (II)

From the same article:

“I want to open the books to the people of California, so that they can see the waste, where the billions of dollars are,” [Arnold] said.


First, most of the responsibility for CA’s enormous budget shortfall lies at the feet of the Texas energy companies (including Enron) who raped her of $10’s of Billions$ in stage-managed electricity costs last summer that she should not have had to pay.

And second, what waste? The bulk of CA’s budget, like a lot of other states, goes to education, the one area Arnold is given general credit for supporting. I don’t doubt he’ll find a couple hundred million or so in pork he can point to, but there won’t be anything like enough to cover the state’s mangling deficit. This is Ahnud in his conservative-fantasy mode. So what will he do when he finds out it ain’t there?

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