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O, California, What Have You Done To Us? (II)

From the same article:

“I want to open the books to the people of California, so that they can see the waste, where the billions of dollars are,” [Arnold] said.


First, most of the responsibility for CA’s enormous budget shortfall lies at the feet of the Texas energy companies (including Enron) who raped her of $10’s of Billions$ in stage-managed electricity costs last summer that she should not have had to pay.

And second, what waste? The bulk of CA’s budget, like a lot of other states, goes to education, the one area Arnold is given general credit for supporting. I don’t doubt he’ll find a couple hundred million or so in pork he can point to, but there won’t be anything like enough to cover the state’s mangling deficit. This is Ahnud in his conservative-fantasy mode. So what will he do when he finds out it ain’t there?

O, California, What Have You Done To Us? (I)

O, California, What Have You Done To Us? (I)

According to today’s NY Times:

Aware that he must work with Democrats, Mr. Schwarzenegger also conspicuously reached across the aisle to some of them, including Senator Dianne Feinstein….

So the question is: When he reached across to her, did he squeeze anything?