Have They No Shame?

Bush’s request for funds (which will be borrowed, as usual, since he’s bankrupted the Treasury) includes $600Million to continue Kay’s attempt to find the WMD’s that don’t exist, and that he as good as admitted didn’t exist (except in the long-shot faerieland of a gambler’s imagination). So how did they spend the first $300M? Into a bleak landscape of food shortages, job shortages (they all went to Halliburton/Bechtel), electricity shortages, and water shortages they came, and this is what they wrought:

[T]he Iraq Survey Group spent its first weeks installing air-conditioned trailers, a new dining facility, state-of-the-art software and even a sprinkler system for a new lawn, according to officials and experts who worked with the group this summer.”They kept unloading crates and crates of new Dell laptops,” said one Pentagon official…. (emphasis added)

I’m certainly glad they’re not wasting it.

But then if there’s so much money we can afford a lawn in the desert, would somebody mind telling me why we’re cutting our troops’ combat pay, death benefits, and access to health care, and making them buy their own equipment? Not to mention the latest outrage, making them pay their own way back home if they’re lucky enough to get leave? From the Spokane Spokesman-Review:

Soldier must pay for his trip homeWe are usually quiet individuals, expressing little about world events and politics, etc. However, we have to stand up and say something now.

Our son-in-law is in the Army, serving our country for several months in Iraq. He was recently authorized to return home for two weeks. We are all grateful for this news! However, there is one catch _ he has to pay for the journey!

How can the government expect him to pay his own airfare? It seems unfair the government won’t foot the bill to send troops home, after they risk their lives for our country. They have had to leave their families struggling emotionally and some financially. Then when they do have the opportunity to come home briefly, they are expected to pay their own way.

This is an atrocity! And, too often, there is no way some of these families can afford the airfare.

Our country is spending a fortune on behalf of another country. But, our fighting forces should be the main priority, including traveling home for a reprieve. We truly believe our armed forces should be rewarded with a paid visit to their loved ones. Don’t you?

Randy and Pam Forcier
Spokane, WA

Anybody think Junior’s G-Men need to do something about re-ordering their priorities?

(Thanks to Tom Engelhardt of The Nation, whose blog, TomDispatch–you’ll find a link at the side of the page–is usually Must-Reading.)


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