In the "That Was Predictable" Dept.

President Junior has scheduled himself to tell the UN today that Jacques Chirac is guilty of being French and should therefore not be taken seriously by Real Men when he says that Iraq should be handed over to the Iraqis “immediately”.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

In fact, Bush intends in his speech to resist demands by French President Jacques Chirac that sovereignty be transferred immediately to the Iraqi people, followed by the gradual ceding of power to Iraqis over a period of six months to nine months.

Not so coincidentally, Achmed Chalabi, the Neocon’s Iraqi-Exile Pin-Up-Boy, just happens to be this month’s president of the Iraqi Governing Council.

It was Chalabi, remember, who convinced Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld that the Second Gulf War would be a cakewalk and that ordinary Iraqis, overwhelmed with gratitude, would be throwing flowers at our troops and making them homemade pizzas when we marched into Baghdad. In fact, it has turned out that Chalabi was the neocon’s main source and has been since before the First Gulf War. All their information and ideas about what to expect came either from him or from other Iraqi exiles that he brought on board (and no doubt coached).

Remember the pulling-down of Saddam’s statue that Fox (or Faux, as I like to refer to them) News ran about a gazillion times as proof of how happy the Iraqis were to have Hussein gone? Well, happy they might have been, but they were nowhere near the square that day: satellite photos showed that the small group in the largely empty square who were doing the pulling consisted of–wait for it–Achmed Chalabi and about a hundred of the 700 Iraqi exiles the USAF had flown in only hours before.

Delicious, ain’t it?

There are two things you need to know to really appreciate the following quote:

1)For almost 15 years, intelligence agencies from around the world, including the CIA, have warned repeatedly that Chalabi was “unreliable” (the information he gave them usually turned out to be bogus upon investigation);

and 2) one of the reasons they said that is that Chalabi is a convicted embezzler–he ran a scam in Jordan with a make-believe bank that stole (depending who you ask) somewhere between $3 and $30 MILLION from unsuspecting depositors.

So what does convicted embezzler Chalabi have to say about the hand-over plan?

That the Governing Council should be given at least partial control of the finance and security ministries. [I can believe he means that.–MA] Asked in an interview with The New York Times when the changes should take place, Chalabi replied, “Right away.”

And the sooner the better, ay, Achmed? You’re only gonna be in charge for a month.

4 responses to “In the "That Was Predictable" Dept.

  1. It was also predictable that GW Bush be a lousy President given the fact that he was a drifter with an drinking problem until he was 40 when he found Jesus. After that, he was a failed businessman until the neocons propped him up as their front and first made him Texas Governor and then Presdent.

  2. I know. I predicted it. Nobody would listen. (And you forgot about cowardice – running away from his duties to TANG.)

  3. That GW Bush would be an incapable president was predictable.

    That he would become one of the worst disasters in the history of the world was not so predicable because it was not generally known that he was put in office by Neoconservatives to carry out the agenda of PNAC.

    PNAC consisted of a bunch of draft-dodging chickenhawks who cooked up a military scheme to take over the world.

    To make matters worse, the CEO was to be the equivalent of Alfred E. Newman.

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